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What is an Exercise Physiologist?

An exercise physiologist is a university qualified practitioner (minimum 4 years) that has been trained to provide exercise and behavioural change advice to people with chronic and complex care needs.

We are part of the allied health group that allows you access to health benefits through Medicare, DVA, WorkCover and private health insurance.

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Do I need a referral from a GP?

If you would like to claim your appointment under Medicare or Department of Veterans affairs then you will need to see your GP for a referral.

You are able to see us without a referral and claim on your private health or pay up front.

How do I know if I am eligible for Medicare or other allied health referrals?

Your GP able to tell you if eligible, if you have a condition that has been or is likely to with you for 6 months or more you may be eligible. Please see the list of chronic conditions that can be

treated by specific exercise.

Download a referral form and take it to your GP

Enhanced primary care

Type 2 diabetes

Aboriginal and Torres Islander peoples health check


Do I need an assessment to start a group class?

Yes, it is important that we assess you prior to starting an exercise class to ensure you are starting at the right level and your exercises are going to benefit you and your specific needs. In most cases this can be done under

a referral from your GP or you can your assessment normally this is a fee.

Can I get individual treatment for a specific condition?

you can, we treat people with a range of chronic conditions and target treatment on a specific issue whether it is a

or you are just out of shape and need help to start off your program. You will be guided and progressed in line with your personal goals.  

What if I can't get to you? Do you do home visits?

Yes, If you have a condition that restricts your ability to access our clinic service then we can come to you and set up a home program. This is particularly beneficial for le with physical disabilities.

no extra cost if you live within the town limits that is by us.  

If I am in pain should I stop moving and wait until it stops hurting?

No, for most persistent pain conditions slowly paced functional movement is recommended and can help with your daily living activities, but you should seek a comprehensive assessment before you exercise.

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